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Solar Panels really do need to be cleaned? Rain isn’t enough. Even after a hard driving rain there is still a dirty film and debris left on them. Your Solar Panels need to be cleaned at least once a year. Did you know that dirty panels can lose up to 40% of the sun’s energy. Think of your solar panel grid as your own private power plant. Power companies are banking that you won’t clean your panels. They’re happy to sell you more power. So don’t give up the power.
You can afford to clean your solar panels. Clean Solar Panels pay them selves. Don’t leave money setting on the table or in this case on your roof. At Squeegeez we work hard to provide you with quality Solar Panel Cleaning. Our goal is to provide each client with reliable, on-time, quality service at an affordable price. We take pride in what we do, and it shows!

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Solar Panel Cleaning

The process begins by inspecting both your roof and your solar panel grid. Before starting I take pictures of any broken roof tiles and before and after pictures of your panels. I use a professional pure water system that insures your solar panels are clean and spot free without any hard water minerals left to dry on the glass surface. So when it comes to hiring a cleaning service you want a reputable and insured provider you can trust. We pride ourselves in showing up on time and getting the job done safely, the way you expect it to be done.

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Squeegeez is a family owned and operated company. We do all of our own work. No contractors! Call Squeegeez today for a free estimate. For more complicated jobs, we provide a free onsite estimate.
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