Solar Panel Cleaning, How Often

Solar Panel Cleaners

Have you ever wondered how often your solar panels needed to be cleaned. When should I call the solar panel cleaners? Well, That’s a good question. The answer, not as often as some might think. But they do need an occasional cleaning depending on the amount of smog, salt air and dust in your area. I have a client that lives near a rock and sand quarry and those panels need to be cleaned quarterly. In most cases cleaning solar panels yearly will do. Remember a good rain will help reduce the need for additional cleaning.
So how are your panels? Maybe you look up on the roof and they look really dusty and dirty. They may look dirtier because you’re looking at them at an angle from the ground. If you could stand right next to them and look directly down over them they won’t look so dirty. In some cases, the panels are placed on a part of the roof that makes them hard or impossible to see.
But let me cut to the chase, solar panels can get pretty dusty before their performance suffers. We understand that solar panels work best when they are directly facing the sun’s rays. When solar panels have so much dirt and dust that they begin to reflect the sun’s rays That results in reduced performance. Then it’s time to get those panels cleaned!
Call an insured and bonded professional to safely have your solar panels cleaned. Professionals will use one of two methods.

Solar Panel cleaners and technics

1. Use tap water to wash and rinse the panels then use a squeegee to remove water and dry the panels. It’s important when using tap water to squeegee away water from panels to reduce hard water build up.

2. The use of a pure water system. These systems use multiple filter systems to purify water. With this method, there is no need to squeegee off water and no hard water build up. Both methods will
produce great results.

Solar Panel Cleaning
3 Stage water purifier

In most cases only about $5.00- $8.00 per panel.

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